We are closed for the winter season. However…

During the winter months:

  • We will open by appointment for wine sales.
  • If your group of 8 or more adults would like to get together at the winery, we’ll provide wine tastings, etc.

Just write us at LambsAndVinesWinery@gmail.com


To get to our winery:  The Best Directions

For the protection of our sheep when they are working at the vineyard, we have a livestock guardian dog and electric fencing. We ask that our visitors:

  • Please don’t bring pets.
  • Please don’t bring young children.  (Why?)
  • Please stay in the winery building area (a safe distance from the fencing).
  • No smoking or beverages from elsewhere.

We have a nice variety of picnic-style foods available, and customers may also bring foods to enjoy here.  We hope to see you soon!


To contact us: LambsAndVinesWinery@gmail.com