Our Wines

Bloom – a Dry Rose:  The first impression begins with the floral nose, opening up to a taste of cherries, rhubarb and cranberries.  With a nice feel in the mouth, a soft finish and a pleasant lingering aftertaste, this delightful sipping wine is sometimes described as “a bouquet in a bottle”.

Dry Vidal:  A dry white wine that was aged with American Oak.  It expresses itself nicely as a little tannin and oak on the sides of the tongue, then a smooth caramel finish. The minerality of the terroir is present and clearly sets this Missouri dry white aside from others.  This is our answer to oaked Chardonnays.  Many prefer this white wine served near room temperature for more flavor, but it may also be chilled.

Dornfelder:  A dry red wine with a little tannin mid-palate and a smooth slightly smoky finish.  This soft, inky dark red wine pairs nicely with cheeses, olives, and hummus.  A good option for “I think I will have a glass of red wine tonight.”

Chambourcin 2013:  A nice dry red wine with pleasant structure and a smooth finish.  The nose carries a little smoke and there is a hint of spiciness, especially black pepper, throughout the taste.  There are nice tannins mid-palate with a smooth, lingering pleasant light tobacco finish. Enjoy with any red pasta dish or with strong cheeses and summer sausage for a picnic.

Chambourcin 2014:  A fruit forward full body dry red wine.  The nose introduces you to the taste of dark plumb and dark cherries which accompany the first sip.  Although a dry wine, many who normally lean towards sweet wines enjoy this wine because of the fruitiness.  It is a nice wine to serve around the holidays, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Cabernet Franc:  A smooth dry red wine with nice tannin structure and a touch of oak on the sides of the tongue. There is a hint of leather in the middle. This wine is intentionally non-filtered. Pairs nicely with ham and any red meat, yet has the flexibility to pair with stronger cheeses and does not overpower the palate for a relaxing glass at the end of the day

Blaufrankisch:  A dry red wine with good tannin structure throughout the mouth. Many tasters comment, “This would go with a grilled steak!”  It exhibits currant and leather followed by a smooth finish with a nice balance.  Serve at room temperature with a strong cheese, a smoked meat dish, or nice to have in your glass when that roast comes out of the oven.

Semi-Sweet Vidal:  Enough sweetness given to this white wine by its own non-fermented juice mellows the acidity of this naturally tart wine. Yet it retains a little green apple taste to make it interesting. This wine seems to call, “Grab some fresh apples, pears, Swiss cheese, a French baguette, and take me to the deck!”

Scamper:  Reminding us of a frisky lamb, this wine definitely took its own path! Originally intended to be a semi-dry wine (we’ve even had to change the label), Scamper insisted on bringing forth its best as a sweet white wine…yet sassy, hinting of rhubarb and raspberries.

On A Lark:  For our newest wine…we went “on a lark” experimenting with various blends. This spicy and fruity light wine was the result.  Since it seems to appeal to so many different palates, we envision it as a good wine to share with others.


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